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Who is Copyright Agent?

Established in Copenhagen in 2016, Copyright Agent is a leading copyright protection agency dedicated to safeguarding originality and preserving the creative works of individuals who share their creations with the world.

Leveraging advanced machine learning technology and a team of seasoned industry professionals, Copyright Agent constantly evolves and pioneers innovative copyright protection products. Our comprehensive end-to-end service is designed to effectively protect the work of creative professionals, and their distributors, allowing them to focus on their craft.

By fostering a culture of creativity and respect, we guide internet users towards embracing ethical practices in today's digital world. At Copyright Agent, we uphold the principles of professionalism, advancement, and transparency in all our endeavours.

Our manifesto

From day one, the purpose of Copyright Agent has been to safeguard and salute originality. Our agency emerged from a deep-rooted respect for people - writers, photographers, and creators of all kinds - who have the talent and courage to be original.

Without recognizing and rightfully rewarding the work of original thinkers and doers, the world becomes dull and uninspiring. Unauthorized use – intentional or not – disturbs the ecosystem of originality. Creativity does not feed on inspiration alone. It takes time to be creative and time is money; no money, no time, no creativity.

Copyright Agent is here to ensure that producing original work is always time well spent and always worth the effort. But we are also here to encourage and educate: educate on how to avoid unauthorized use and encourage

Originality, always.

Global presence

Copyright Agent is a global company with a presence in 23 markets worldwide. We initially launched in our home market in 2016 and have since expanded to 22 other countries. Our most recent addition was in 2023. We are committed to further expanding our reach and enhancing our market offering to play our role in safeguarding the ecosystem of originality.

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Czech
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA
  • Poland
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Christoffer Feilberg Management Profile

Christoffer Feilberg

Chief Executive Officer

Henrik Eggert, CEO

Henrik Eggert

Chief Visionary Officer

Emma Augustsson Management Profile

Emma Augustsson

Chief Administrative Officer

Kasper Jørgensen, CCO

Kasper Jørgensen

Chief Operating Officer

Niels Hanberg, CTO

Niels Hanberg

Chief Technology Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Copyright Agent?
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Copyright Agent is an invaluable partner for all creatives that produce original content. We ensure that copyrighted works are published safely online and with peace of mind from the author.

We help to provide an overview of who has the right to use the works and participate in educating the market and handle the cases that arise if the works are used without a license.

Why did I receive a letter from Copyright Agent?
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You received a letter from us because we have documented proof that copyright-infringing content has been published without a license from the owner, on a website you are responsible for. Read more about it here.

I did not realise the content was copyrighted?
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All image/video material and all commercial text are, as a rule, covered by copyright law. Any use of others' content requires prior agreement with the copyright owner.

Also, it is your duty to investigate the copyright licensing on any image/video material you use. You must conduct this investigation before publishing the content, to ensure its publication does not violate or infringe the copyright owner’s rights.

Therefore, before any publication takes place, a valid license must always be acquired for material covered by copyright law.
If there is no proper, and valid, license for the material, it is a breach of copyright law. In these cases, Copyright Agent makes claims for improper use, on behalf of our clients.

How does Copyright Agent handle a case?
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When we detect an infringement through either of our tools and services, a case is created and made visible to you as a user of the Copyright Agent application. In the app, you can approve and reject cases (or let us handle them altogether).

When a case is approved by you, a Copyright Advisor is assigned to the case. The Copyright Advisor will handle all communication with the counterparty. Your involvement is not required to run the case.

We take pride in treating all counterparties with respect and decency and always approach people with the best intentions and explain to them that we exist to protect the original creators' work.

How do you calculate the claim amount?
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Our compensation claims are calculated in relation to the relevant national laws regarding Copyright as well as market standards for what is considered 'reasonable' compensation.

The documents sent with our claims provide specific law references for your records.

Is Copyright Agent a law firm?
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While we do have a large legal team of copyright specialists, Copyright Agent A/S is a legal-tech company and not a law firm. Copyright Agent A/S therefore does not give any legal advice and we always recommend our counterparties seek legal counsel if they are unclear about what is being alleged.

The Copyright Advisors that handle the cases do not give legal advice or interpret the law beyond notating the laws in place that surround the Copyright Infringement allegations in each specific case.