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Protecting the ecosystem
of originality.

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Our manifesto

From day one, the purpose of Copyright Agent has been to safeguard and salute originality. Our agency emerged from a deep-rooted respect for people - writers, photographers, and creators of all kinds - who have the talent and courage to be original.

Without recognizing and rightfully rewarding the work of original thinkers and doers, the world becomes dull and uninspiring. Unauthorized use – intentional or not – disturbs the ecosystem of originality. Creativity does not feed on inspiration alone. It takes time to be creative and time is money; no money, no time, no creativity.

Copyright Agent is here to ensure that producing original work is always time well spent and always worth the effort. But we are also here to encourage and educate: educate on how to avoid unauthorized use and encourage

Originality, always.

We’re driven by
our core values


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