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When we founded Copyright Agent nearly seven years ago, it was to solve a very concrete problem: that a large number of images are copied and published online without the correct license. Since then we have helped countless photographers and image agencies to secure their rights.

Gradually, it has become clear to us that it is not only photographers who need help in securing the rights associated with the work and products they create. Copywriters, composers, visual artists, film directors - yes, all creators of original content have something in common: that they have brought something into the world that did not exist before. Their work contributes to a more inspiring and colourful world and we must cherish that - it is noble, important, and valuable.

At Copyright Agent, we want to be an invaluable partner for all creatives that create copyrighted works. We must ensure that copyrighted works can be published safely online and with peace of mind from the author. We must help to provide an overview of who has the right to use the works, participate in educating the market and handle the cases that arise if the works are used without a license.

And last but not least, we at Copyright Agent must be the thought leader who bears the responsibility for educating the market in the proper use of copyrighted material.

We formulate our purpose as follows:

Protecting the ecosystem of originality

From day one, the purpose of Copyright Agent has been to safeguard and salute originality. Our agency emerged from a deep-rooted respect for people - writers, photographers, and creators of all kinds - who have the talent and courage to be original.

Without recognizing and rightfully rewarding the work of original thinkers and doers, the world becomes dull and uninspiring. Unauthorized use – intentional or not – disturbs the ecosystem of originality. Creativity does not feed on inspiration alone. It takes time to be creative and time is money; no money, no time, no creativity.

Copyright Agent is here to ensure that producing original work is always time well spent and always worth the effort. But we are also here to encourage and educate: educate on how to avoid unauthorized use and encourage
originality, always.

Even though many things change, much stays the same. We will always strive to create a world where copyright is widely recognized and respected. We will always speak up for the creative cause, no matter who challenges us because originality must be protected and encouraged.

Henrik Eggert
CEO at Copyright Agent

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