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As a company, Copyright Agent is under constant scrutiny, receiving comments and reviews such as “scam”, “fraud”, “distortion”, “illegal company” etc. While these reviews are most definitely incorrect and certainly not appropriate, it is understandable that the company attracts such commentary. Almost all of these remarks come from website owners who are displeased about the copyright infringement claims they have received for their misuse of copyright protected images, thereby infringing on the rights of original content creators. This commentary then snowballs and attracts the eyes of counterparties who are trying to decide if the company is legitimate or not, searching the internet for answers, as is to be expected, and they are met with negative and inaccurate commentary. They then choose not to pay a claim, which unfortunately leads to the escalation of cases ultimately costing these counterparties potentially higher sums than the original claim amount.

Copyright Agent is an entirely legitimate entity, acting in accordance with legislation around the globe, to maintain and protect the rights of image creators. We are a Danish company, registered under the business number 37597287. You can verify the business details through the Danish business registry (CVR) by visiting:, clicking on "The Central Business Register (CVR)" and thereafter inputting our company number.

Founded in 2016, the company operates in 23 markets around the world (as of 2023) and we continue to expand our borders of operation. We represent a significant number of large image agencies around the world such as Alamy, Ritzau Scanpix, Imago and many more. We also represent individual photographers, photography collectives and independent media producers via our copyright infringement detection services.

As a copyright protection agency, Copyright Agent assumes a role that positively contributes to the overall education of internet users and members of the industry. The big picture issue is the growing rate of unauthorised image use online, and this is proving to be a serious threat to the future of the photography industry. Of course a counterparty in a copyright infringement case will be expected to fulfil the payment of a claim for unlicensed image use, however this is far from the primary goal of the business. This claim is used as a method of education and raising awareness, just as a speeding fine works to discourage road users from speeding, a copyright infringement claim works to dissuade further infringements to website owners and companies across the internet.

While Copyright Agent is not a legal representative or lawyer sharing advice/instructions, we are an agency that manages infringement claims and case mediation between original content creators, and infringing counterparties. We have vast experience in the sector and the full backing of our partners supported by the legal framework offered by local copyright laws.

We have received public appraisal for our work in protecting rights holders via the popular press, including outlets in our native Scandinavia, an example of which can be seen here:

Claims from Copyright Agent should be taken seriously and they may escalate in accordance with details provided in our communications, if correspondence is left ignored. This entire process seeks to ensure that compensation is recovered  for those whose rights have been breached. These claims are crafted in association with our external legal partners and consist of a combination of original license prices, damages resulting from images’ unauthorised usage, and the costs involved in detecting, communicating, and recovering compensation. As with any matter that requires legal work, costs increase with each escalatory step.

Our partnerships are demonstrated on the pages of our partners, a few of which can be found below:

Originality, always

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