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Copyright Agent has collaborated closely with Film Director Morten Skov Andersen to accentuate the passion and expertise poured into crafting original imagery. In doing so, the films draw attention to the profound impact that copyright infringements can have on the creators of these authentic works. This 6-part series unveils a diverse array of uniquely talented creative professionals across various photography fields. Welcome to Part 1 of this captivating journey.

Danish photographer Daniel Villadsen calls Odense his home. Armed with his camera, he endeavours to capture the multitude of small, humorous, and distinctive narratives that unfold around us. From the simplicity of everyday routines to the magnificence of transformative journeys, from life's grand milestones to the resonance of cross-cultural encounters, he breathes life into each moment through his lens.

Originality, always.

Copyright Agent /

Artist: Daniel Villadsen /

Director & Producer: Morten Skov Andersen /

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