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One interface that takes care of your image content

Image Suite

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Powerful image protection

The Copyright Agent image interface has powerful features built in to make sure your photographs are perfectly safeguarded on the internet.

Submit case

If you know about a certain case of somebody wrongfully using your copyrighted material.

Submit case


Review our findings for your images. Our case managers will take care of you after this process

Review Preview

Scan for your images

If you suspect your images are being used without your permission online, let us check for you.

Upload images Preview

Protect your images

When you share photos with someone through our platform, the photos become protected.

Fingerprint Preview

We help you protect your original content

A quick overview of what is involved in the protection of your images.

Handover Image

Upload images

You give us access to your image portfolio or import the photos yourself. No matter the delivery method, we support it.

Identify Image


We search for your images online. Our algorithms then compare the findings with our extensive copyright database and present you with the results.

Review Image

Review cases

In our easy-to-use interface, we allow you to review the cases before we initiate the dialogue.

Send Image


We contact the counterparty to educate on the correct use of copyrighted material and send out a claim for compensation for the unlicensed use.

Paid Image


We transfer your rightful payment to your account.

That's it!